Rio De Janeiro the Epic Climb

When I travel I always want to find ways to challenge myself. When I went to Rio De Janerio, Brazil I did exactly that. Instead of taking the easy route to the top of the iconic Sugarloaf Mountain on cable car, I climbed it. Sugarloaf Mountain is a peak situated in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, at the mouth of Guanabara Bay on a peninsula that sticks out into the Atlantic Ocean. Rising 396 meters (1,299ft) above the harbour.

Now I am a complete amateur when it comes to climbing with an average fitness level,  the most exercise I do is cycling to work on my bicycle, but it probably helped. The climb was 3 hours and I found it a lot harder than anticipated. That day the weather was warm and overcast, about 25 degrees and raining once we reached the top. This did work to our advantage because if it was any hotter and direct sunlight it would have added to the intensity of the climb.

The climb itself is sheer drops into the ocean, and smooth slippery rock that is hard to grip. If you like challenging yourself and aren’t scared of heights and tumbling to your death. Our guide who took us up was very professional and had a wonderful personality and I would highly recommend him to anyone. If you decide to take this route instead of the cable car it’s one of the most amazing feeling once your reach the top, and the views throughout the climb are priceless!

Sugarloaf sugarloaf sugarloaf

I would love to hear an challenging experience you’ve had while travelling…


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